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National Background Check, Inc. is awarded FBI Channeling Contract

National Background Check, Inc. is proud to announce that we have again been awarded a contract to perform Channeling Services on behalf of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The FBI Channeling contract allows National Background Check, Inc. to continue to operate as an FBI-approved Channeler for the next 15 years.

National Background Check, Inc. (NBCI) is a 100% women-owned business that was founded in 1999. NBCI is one of the longest-standing fingerprint service organizations for civilian purposes in the United States. NBCI prides itself on being the quickest, most convenient and most accurate fingerprint-based background check facilitator available to the general public, aiming to save customers both time and money.

FBI Channeling allows individuals to request a criminal history record for reasons such as adoption, foreign residency, work or student visa and/or court related matters. An FBI-approved Channeler is a contractor that serves as a conduit for submitting fingerprints to the FBI and receiving FBI criminal history record information on behalf of an authorized recipient, for authorized noncriminal justice purposes. Per Departmental Order (DO) 556-73, an individual may obtain a copy of their FBI criminal identification record, upon request, for review and correction purposes, to challenge the information on record, or satisfy certain legal requirements such as adopting a child; requirement to live, work or travel in a foreign country; and/or other court related matters. In order for an individual to request their criminal history record through an FBI Channeler, they must be a United States citizen or a permanent U.S. resident. FBI Channelers cannot process criminal history records for employment and or licensing reasons.

To request your FBI Approved Background Check, please visit You may also contact us by phone at 1-877-932-2435 or by email at